How we work

Touchpoint Design - How we work

We’ve been doing this a long time. But, no matter what innovations we’re embracing or exciting new opportunities we’re exploring, we take a consistent, methodical approach to design for all our projects, big and small.

We follow the Double Diamond Design Process Model. Developed as a result of research at the Design Council, this model is represented with a simple graphic that captures the design process. Divided into four distinct phases, DiscoverDefineDevelop and Deliver, it maps the divergent and convergent stages, showing the different modes of thinking that we use during design.

Throughout the process, during every phase, we promise one thing: we believe in collaboration, working in genuine partnership with your business.

Double Diamond Design Model

Your project is unique, so the precise nature of each phase in the model will vary from client to client. In broad terms, though, the phases work in the following ways:


At the start of the project, it’s our job to understand your vision and identify your goals. We’ll define the brief in detail, agree benchmarks and key objectives.

We’ll agree a budget for the project – our pricing is completely transparent with no hidden charges, which means we give you a price and we stick to it (unless, of course, your requirements change).


During the second stage we’ll look at your visual positioning and tone of voice, as well as market research and a competitor analysis. For larger projects we may hold brand workshops and develop a user-experience strategy.


During the third phase, we’ll develop design-led solutions and produce some design concepts for you. This is where the first two phases really bear fruit, conceptualising the idea into sketches and wireframes, and making it come alive in mock-ups. Concepts are refined — we take on board your initial reactions and refine the visual working towards the final concept.

At this point we’re almost ready to turn the concepts into reality – before we do, though, we’ll ask you to sign off on the visual approach and on the final project specifications. We want to make sure you’re happy every step of the way.


And finally… delivery! This is the point when all the choices we’ve made together along the way go into production. If your project contains digital deliverables, we work hand in hand with the digital design team to use the best and latest web thinking. We will ensure your site is a pleasure to use on laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. We are rigorous about final testing and approval, and then launch.

To be continued…

We like to think there’s a fifth phase to the model, too: reflect. After launch, we hope we can continue our relationship with you, help plan your next steps, and assist you with ongoing strategy, promotion and development.