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Women in design

Where are all the women in design?
How should we encourage equality in creativity?

In the world of internationally respected design agencies, Pentagram stands head and shoulders above others, yet despite its much admired conceptual and creative foundations, of its twenty-one international partners: only four of them are female. According to the recent publication: Graphic Designers Surveyed, female graduates outnumber men [...]

DIY or bring in the professionals – Part 3: Video

When should you publish, photograph or produce video yourself and when should you plan, create and deliver creative content with the help of the professionals? In this the third and last post in the series we consider the pros and cons of Do-It-Yourself video-making.   Video is about to explode, becoming the fastest growing [...]

DIY photography

DIY or bring in the professionals – Part 2: Pictures

When should you publish, photograph or produce video yourself and when should you plan, create and deliver creative content with the help of the professionals? In this the second of three posts we consider the pros and cons of Do-It-Yourself image-making.   Instagram, the photo sharing app, revealed, last year, that it’s global [...]

DIY? Part 1: Words

DIY or bring in the professionals – Part 1: Words

In this technology driven world everyone has the tools to be a copywriter, photographer and filmmaker at their fingertips. Technology has opened the door and we are all jostling to be heard – in every format. But when should you publish, photograph or produce video yourself and when should you plan, create and deliver creative content with the [...]

Touchpoint Design Rebrand blog post

5 reasons why businesses rebrand

In my experience, there are five main reasons why businesses rebrand. You may be considering such an exercise now or in the near future and I hope to give a little guidance with some real examples. Before we consider the ‘whys’, let’s take a step back and look at the definition of a brand. A brand is so much more than just a name, logo or [...]

5 Tips for call to actions

5 Tips for a more successful call to action

Designing an attractive site is only one part of the battle for success. When an all important customer arrives at your site you will want them to take action and you have only a few seconds to make them*. In the site planning stage you will have defined with your design agency all primary call to actions across the site (data capture forms, [...]

Google mobile-friendly test

Test: is your site Google-friendly

This week, Google announce that non-mobile optimised websites will fall down their search rankings. They have moved the goal posts and changed their algorithms in favour of websites optimised for mobile devices. Sites with unclear links and horizontal scrolling will also be penalised. Google have created this handy tool for website owners and [...]

Responsive design

Responsive design – are you ready to respond?

What is responsive design? On a mobile phone or tablet do you have to tap and zoom to pan-in to read the content of your website? Or conversely, does your site look lost on a large retina desktop monitor? If the answer is yes then your site has not been designed to respond to the various different devices now being used by your target [...]

Brand names

What’s in a name?

A well chosen name is an essential brand asset. Choosing a name for your business, product or service is one of the hardest parts of branding, but when we hit upon our new name we knew we had a winner! It is February 2015, after nearly nine years trading as Sue Bush Design we decided to change our name. The key word in this sentence is 'we', [...]

brand kickstart

Kickstart your brand

The team here at Touchpoint Design love this idea by Scott Thomas (the design lead on the Obama Campaign). He has started a Kickstarter to produce a card game for brand workshops. Such a fun way to start the ball rolling and break the ice. You start with 50 adjective cards with descriptors on both sides. You categorise these cards using [...]

Michelin Guide advert 1911

Brand publishing – content marketing with craft

Cast your eye across the bookshelves in Waterstones and, away from the fiction, you’ll find yourself surrounded with books by brands. Some of those publications will be overtly brand-led (chef, restaurant and food brands in particular), others will take you quietly into their confidence – drawing you in with their stories, making you feel part [...]

Captain Vector

Captain Vector to the rescue

Why do your designers keep asking for vector versions of logos? And why do they love them so much? You need to get a large format display produced for a big trade fair, you send your designer a JPEG, GIF or PNG version of the company logo but they request a vector format instead, typically asking for an Adobe Illustrator file (AI) or EPS [...]