DIY or bring in the professionals – Part 1: Words

In the first of three posts we begin by discussing the pros and cons of Do-It-Yourself writing.

DIY photography

In this technology driven world everyone has the tools to be a copywriter, photographer and filmmaker at their fingertips. Technology has opened the door and we are all jostling to be heard – in every format. But when should you publish, photograph or produce video yourself and when should you plan, create and deliver creative content with the help of the professionals?

So, you have a sleek, well-designed new website with a blog page sparkling fresh and ready for action…what next? You stare at the screen – your mind is blank. In the world of search engines, Google et al, prefer websites which regularly update their content. Therefore the more blogposts you publish the higher your rating on Google rankings – right?

Well, almost. The trick is not simply writing a daily or weekly blog, newsletter or mail-out but writing an excellent daily or weekly blog, newsletter or mail-out. And therein lies the rub.


To help keep you on track we have these tips:

  • Keep your ideas/thoughts/points simple.
  • Write concisely, it makes the useful content more prominent and reduces the noise on the page.
  • Set aside regular times to write, a morning weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Be consistent.
  • If writing engaging copy isn’t your forté, then it’s time to find someone with the necessary skills.
  • Google rankings favour regularly updated blogs and websites – yes – but they need to be assured that the content is: effective, informative and valuable for an audience.

Bring in the professionals

Delivering well-crafted, informative, useful content you need one essential element: time, that precious and elusive beast. This is where a digital agency or copywriter come into their own. A professional will prepare, draft, edit and deliver skilful content into that beautiful, vast white canvas of a website for your potential audience to enjoy. But, they need your help…

Why? Because you hold the fundamental key to creating valuable content.

No-one knows your brand like you do: the market, history, clients and story. In order for your agency or copywriter to truly understand the language of your sector you must share as much information as possible, offer leads, story ideas, insider information and more. You are the editor-in-chief, the audience and the client, with your help and vision, together you will create a website with relevant, worthwhile information that potential clients will not only respect, but turn to for answers.

Meanwhile, bringing in the professionals will allow you to spend time on the most important part of your business, turning those potential leads into legitimate clients.

At Touchpoint Design, we collaborate with a wide network of writers and editors. We passionately believe that the whole becomes greater than sum of its parts. If you have a particular project in mind or you merely want to hear more about our approach, call us on: 01225 291 044.

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