Objective: To design a visual ‘language’ for this popular tour operator’s holding company and its sub-brands.

Challenge: Dynamic and forward-thinking, Inside Asia Tours knew that it could build on its success in the Japanese tour market and develop its brand to offer holidays to other countries in Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. We needed to rationalise the branding to give the company a consistent, clear identity in every region. The aim was to develop a visual language that clients would recognise and trust, building the company’s reputation for excellence and encouraging cross-selling throughout its regions.


We started our rebranding by creating a unique symbol – a brandmark – for the Inside Asia Tours holding company. We were inspired by East Asian hanko – seals or stamps used as signatures on official documentsOur vision was that Inside Asia’s own hanko would provide an instant indication of authenticity – an endorsement – on every communication from any of the regional sub-brands.

Then, we looked at the existing branding for InsideJapan and InsideVietnam. We brought the logos in line with each other, and we created a third for InsideBurma. We commissioned local artist Fi Powers to create icons for each sub-brand – every icon needed to capture the unique spirit of the region it was to represent, but also demonstrate a style consistent with the overall brand identity.

Knowing that InsideAsia is a growing, ambitious company, we put together a clear set of brand guidelines  that define the typography, colour palette and illustration style – the unique elements of the company’s revamped visual ‘tone of voice’ – which it can go on to apply throughout its printed literature and online, and to new sub-brands in the future.

And our pièce de resistance: we created our biggest identity statement yet – a large sliding door that now forms the entrance to the company’s training room, literally inviting new and existing staff into the Inside Asia adventure.

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