The Dot Project

Objective: To produce a visual identity for this ‘tech for good’ start-up, formed with the aim of supporting third sector organisations to become empowered through technology.


Challenge: To create a friendly and accessible visual language, reflecting the company’s positive and inclusive approach.


The logotype was created by plotting the letterforms on to a grid of dots. This grid represents The Dot Project’s supportive service offer – helping organisations utilise and optimise their use of technologies – connecting the dots.

During our research we learnt about the company’s process of measuring and rating an organisation’s digital literacy, providing ‘health checks’. In response we developed a graduated spectrum of colour which can be used to represent how healthy an organisation is at any point in time, the changing of colour through the gradient represents change, moving forward and progression.

We went on to develop a wider graphic language, further utilising the dot grid to develop a series of icons.